A Dream Comes Awake


Began May 2001 to be a labor of fun,
A rock wall had finally begun.
One rock at a time, so carefully placed,
Each day wall gets longer and taller, each rock precisely spaced.

Rocks gathered from hillside, then placed side by side.
Men work so hard, long hours and take so much pride,
To make this wall a beautiful work of art,
Placing each rock in place to stay and never fall apart.

Each day wall takes shape to be a sight to behold.
A wall of beauty that really tingles your soul.
Weather so very hot, work goes on with labor and sweat,
Water will flow over the rock to make sound so very great.

Wall gets higher, longer each day goes by.
Everyone who admires can only shake their heads and ask why?
It was loved so very much he couldn't sleep at all.
He only dreamed what would be done next day to the wall.

After a year of hard work and real determination
The wall has finally become an art formation.
When finished will be a wall no other place seen
People to come and admire what started in a dream.

Will last forever and ever, will not break.
It really is a wonderful dream that has come awake.

Mary Minschew
for son Bill